Mayank Khanna

The Roadtrip Experience Project

An Experience of Sorts

RTX'14 was a generative travel experiment for dreamers, doers & ideators. The 9-day unconference on-road brought together creative individuals from various platforms like film, design, startups, music, writing - to fire up creative energies and indulge in epiphanies.

My Role

RTX'14 was the brainchild of Jaytirth Ahya, , a UX Designer and friend, based out of Bangalore, India. We collaborated together to create the entire web experience wherein we used an existing theme but modified it immensely to bring the true RTX vibe to it. Series of brainstorming sessions and eureka moments during a span of few nights, after a typical day's job, resulted in this.

Experiencing the Roadmap

An interactive svg-based map of the entire roadtrip was created for applicants, to explore the entire journey- the dates, the locations & the experiences...


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Day 1

Kickstart from Manali

Height 13050ft

What I couldn't!!

It was an amazing experience collaborating through several nights to create an experience, everyone was amazed to see. A lot of learning was involved in this entire outcome, especially from a content point of view. The language was kept crisp and the images exciting....

The only thing I could not achieve out of this project, was actually experiencing the journey myself. The website was created just few days before I was leaving Infosys & Bangalore, only to start a new journey, here at the School of Information, University of Michigan

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