Mayank Khanna

Better Television through social engagement

Explaining is a TV pilot testing platform that aims to generate user feedback on new, unaired pilots. The user-generated content created within the platform would then aid television studios and networks to improve their TV programming.

Our Focus

The client had tasked us to assist them in building an online community within their beta platform. As part of our formative research, we conducted group interviews to better understand user needs from such a platform. Insights from these interviews were combined with background research about current pilot testing standards of Hollywood and socio-technical features present in current streaming websites.

While the scope of our work focused towards building an online community, we came across certain barriers within the existing platform that constrained us in achieving that goal. In order to overcome these barriers, we spent efforts in conceptualizing specific features within the website that would help as a service and also aid in sustaining an active community within that platform.

Not just about the video

While presenting the Pilot video itself is important, users need a space to explore more about the content they are viewing. Individual profiles for pilots not only provide users an opportunity to know more about the Pilots but also ensure that they could view the feedback of others in the community.

Enhancing User Engagement

The key to's success and relevance to the television industry is detailed feedback on the Pilots showcased within the platform. Allowing users to engage around Pilot content in form of comments leverages the spur of the moment excitement of viewers and encourages them to interact with others in the community.

Prioritizing Context-based Feedback

While viewer comments provide qualitative feedback, quantitative feedback act as analytics for television networks to modify Pilot content. A momentary feedback system allows for meaningful statistics for different scenes within the Pilot.

User profiles with Personality

Users are at the core of any community and hence, allowing them to build their identity in the platform is essential.

The profile page not only highlights the user's interests and preferences but also acknowledges their work within the platform through a robust reputation system. Additional rewards associated with these reputation levels encourage competition and enhance user contribution within the platform.

How we did it!

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