Mayank Khanna

Infosys Labstorm

Role | Ideator, UX Researcher, Interaction Designer, Front-end Developer, Server & Database Programmer

Technology Stack | HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, Responsive Web Design, C#, .NET MVC, MS SQL, MongoDB

Infosys Labstorm is the Infosys Showcase and Co-creation, Collaboration platform with a Social Networking essence to it.

It is a joint offering by the Product R&D Group and Infosys Labs, the latter being the higher and more research-focused group in Infosys. It is presently available for use on the Infosys intranet and on the internet at The platform was being developed by a team of 6-8 people.

My work and responsibilities in this project were to be involved with every aspect of the project ranging from brain-storming the requirements, to planning the user-experience with the designer, to coding on the front-end and back-end. The project uses the latest web-technologies including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive web design, JSON, AJAX, Database technologies including MS-SQL and MongoDB along with .NET MVC architecture.

I handled some of the core functionalities of the project with focus on the Website Design, User Experience, Responsiveness for iPad, Tablets and desktops, cross-browser issues. I proactively suggested the use of NoSQL databases (as I had previous experience due to my final year college project) as part of some new functionalities we were developing. I solely, researched in the areas of integrating MongoDB with the existing platform and developed functionalities that were later used by the entire team for their work. I made major contributions to the Front-end interface of the platform by developing the basic structure to make it responsive for tablets.

This platform is currently being used by over 1,50,000 Infosys employees over the intranet and several clients of Infosys over the internet. Also, a modified version of the platform is currently being used by the United Nations for their initiatives in India and by the Israeli Export Institute.