Mayank Khanna

Kodak Moments

Project Summary

Over the summer of 2015, I interned as an Interaction designer with Kodak Alaris and got the opportunity to work on the company's flagship mobile app, Kodak Moments.

I worked on the future iterations of the app to incorporate upcoming features and new functionalities. My project was focused towards understanding the problems faced by users in managing their photographic memories, increase the user engagement within the app and allow users to create photo products in an easier manner.

Several concepts that were explored and prototyped as part of those user studies have now been incorporated in the latest versions of the mobile app.


Project Goals

Kodak Alaris had been working on a curation engine that utilized machine learning and AI to filter through a collection of pictures and highlight the user's best pictures (in terms of picture quality and picture content). 

Kodak's business goal was to utilize this functionality to increase the user engagement with their newly launched app, Kodak Moments. The team also wanted to test the concept of showcasing auto-created photo products from those pictures to users.

    The specific project objectives were as follows:
  • Design workflows for upcoming curation functionalities (means for people to go through their photos using face recognition, location details, recurring events).
  • Conceptualize means to relive photos.
  • Test the idea of a showroom with users and get their thoughts on it.

My Role

My role as an interaction design intern with the company was to conceptualize ideas in form of wireframes and prototypes that were tested with end users across different iterations. I was paired with a full-time interaction designer and another intern to conduct user research for these concepts. Feedback received from these sessions was then incorporated into prototypes to which I had complete ownership of.

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Feature Testing

Detailed Interaction Flow

Explore the interactions in detail here.

Final Concept Prototype