Mayank Khanna

Kaagazi Handbound Notebooks

Role | Developer & Designer

As a freelance developer, I helped one of my close friends, in finishing her ecommerce website for selling Hand-made notebooks, currently put up at

My friend, Kavya Agrawal, is a trained graphic designer, from NID, Ahmedabad who started this venture. I helped her develop the front-end of her store that uses the Shopify platform. Apart from contributing to the interface development,I also gave inputs to the visual design of the website.

Her strong background in Graphic Design and my background in web-development and design interests helped us develop something, we both are really proud of. I continue to help her with the website related issues and also in promoting her business in Bangalore.

Her opinion about me shared on Facebook:

"A big shout out and thank you to my friend Mayank Khanna for all the help and support with Kaagazi- Handbound books. How gracefully he proves that you dont need a degree to be a designer and you dont need proximity to be a friend. Thanks a lot Mayank, your friendship is truly humbling."