Mayank Khanna


Augmented reality glasses for exploring information around campus

The Diag at the University of Michigan's central campus receives its name from the many sidewalks running near or through it in daigonal directions. As stated by Wikipedia, it is one of the busiest sites on the university campus and hosts a variety of events ranging from outdoor concerts to fundraisers to public demonstrations. Information about such events is passed to people in the diag through in-person interactions by strangers, which was expressed as unpleasing by students who regularly passed through the diag.

INform tries to address transfer of such information in a more passive manner by means of an augmented reality experience. It aims at providing users contextual information about events happening in a public space such as the diag in a manner that gives them the control on the information they receive.

UMich Diag by Prehensile Eye

The Journey

Findings throughout the project

Through several iterations of user research and feedback, some of our major findings were:
  • Users needed control in how they accessed information in the Diag
  • They also wanted to be able to save & access information at a later time
  • Users expressed social awkwardness while interacting with the user enactments as receiving some information seemed unnecessary to them
  • Most users passing the diag were in a hurry and needed quick access to information

Final Concept

The System

Detailed Interactions