Mayank Khanna

Customer Intent Capture
- iPad App Prototype

Role | Ideator, UX Researcher, Interaction Designer, App Developer

Technology Stack | PhoneGap/Cordova, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, xCode

This was a short-term project wherein a client-oriented demo application was prepared for iPad in a strict-deadline of one week.

I was single-handedly involved in creation of the app wherein I worked on every aspect of the application from Conceptualization to it’s Design, User-Experience, Usability and responsiveness in addition to coding it from scratch.

The main structure of the application was developed within a week and was continuously refined with further capabilities by me while it was being presented to several authorities at the client location.

I migrated the existing application for the Microsoft Windows 8 platform as well, as it was a new area being explored by the organization.